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Tips on avoiding auto insurance fraud

When Americans hear the term “auto insurance fraud,” they probably think of the stereotypical image of an uninjured person wearing a neck brace and claiming in court to have “whiplash.”…

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May 4

Educate yourself on the money saving strategies of insurance bundling

One of the most potent money saving strategies of all is to bundle your policies. Many insurance providers will grant consumers a 10% or 15% decrease in premiums if they have more than one type of policy with the same company. The most frequently bundled insurance products are auto and homeowner’s coverage, but depending on the company, other combinations may be possible.

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May 1

Florida Authorities Gain Upper Hand Combating Auto Insurance Fraud

Most states do what they can to combat auto insurance fraud, but in these times of austerity, many state governments have limited funds to devote to the kinds of lengthy investigations required to combat this type of crime. Florida, however, has been experiencing success in this area.

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Are you sure you have sufficient flood insurance on your home?

Most of us learned in elementary school that “April showers bring May flowers,” but when the rains that tend to accompany spring are too extensive, they can also bring with them serious kinds of property damage. Knowing this, two agencies of the federal government, NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) have joined together…

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Learn about the advantages to be had with permanent life insurance

Americans considering a life insurance purchase should carefully consider if the lower price on a term policy is worth giving up the cash value benefit that only a form of permanent life insurance can provide.

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Is there problems arising regarding “Forced Insurance Bundling” ?

The practice of insurance bundling is coming under fire in several states because some insurance companies are moving away from a system that could be termed “voluntary bundling” toward one better described as “forced bundling.” Traditionally, consumers have had the choice of bundling if they wished. Those who preferred for whatever reason to maintain an auto policy with a different company from the one managing their house insurance were free to do so…

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Auto insurance coverage for tornado damage, are you covered?

Those who have such coverage, however, should not count themselves as “Fully Insured” against tornado damage. This is because such policies do not generally include the homeowner’s car. It may be uninsured for tornado damage under the home policy even if it is parked in the driveway of the home in question.

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Are you sure your getting the most savings out of your homeowners insurance?

The average annual premium for a homeowner’s insurance policy is approaching the thousand dollar mark, making it one of the most costly items that Americans habitually purchase.

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Can you count on permanent life insurance?

One thing that consumers should understand about permanent life insurance, also known variously as Whole life or Variable life Insurance, is that the financial stability of the policy can be dependent on investment returns.

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Car Sharing and it’s affects on your car insurance coverage.

There is a new phenomenon in auto usage taking hold in major cities in the United States: “Car Sharing”. Consumers with a car that is sitting idle for hours or days at a time might want to consider this unusual approach to transportation, but as with most things in life, they should be certain to look before they leap.

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